The Scala consultancy that gets things done


Do you have a new project that needs a team of experienced Scala developers?

Would you like to be sure they will work well together?

We provide teams of experienced developers who have previously worked together and adhere to the core principals of Needs Typing®.

From a single senior consultant to a small team of developers we can provide you with an experienced team of Scala developers, who additionally bring many years of Java development skills to assist you with any migration or integration projects you may have.


Many companies are seeing the benefits in speed of delivery that Scala gives the experienced developer. However, this knowledge can take time to acquire.

Our consultants have experience in teaching and presenting Scala education. We can provide bespoke or off the shelf Scala training courses in your workplace to help you get your existing development teams up to speed.


You may have a project that needs kick-starting.

Perhaps you have a team of Java developers and you need a tech-lead to provide training and technical direction.

We can provide an experienced Scala developer who will work with your team on a day-to-day basis providing technical guidance, education and, if required, team leadership.